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DRD have a few exciting announcements for the month of November!



We currently train twice weekly; Monday’s and Wednesday’s. We welcome observers and people who are interested in joining DRD to come see what we’re all about. Our Sports Hall has a fantastic bleechers area for you to sit comfortably and watch us train, you can chat to us before and after practice also. Monday’s is Rec Night for our newer skaters and our Pro skaters. And Wednesday is just our Pro skaters. You are welcome to observe all!

Then you can send us a mail/or message on our facebook and sign up for the next Fresh Meat Night! https://www.facebook.com/DubaiRollerDerby




This Friday; the roller girls are going out in force for Halloween celebrations! Spooky pictures to follow on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DubaiRollerDerby








We already have our recently graduated ‘Smash Sisters’ from the first chunk of WFTDA skills. This Saturday see’s the next batch of skills to be tested. Location? Our regular Sports Hall. Time; 8:30pm-10:00pm.

Come watch/joining in/be tested/socialise/free skate






In the spirit of Halloween, next Monday’s practice will be themed with costumes! Wear your skate-safe outfit (i.e.; helmets required as per usual!), and heck – bring candy!









10629768_724512724284148_7493809035128475802_nFRESH MEAT NIGHT

The next Fresh Meat Night is Monday 17 November, message us to get on the sheet! https://www.facebook.com/DubaiRollerDerby

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