About Dubai Roller Derby

Dubai Roller Derby was founded in January 2013 as the first flat track roller derby league in the Gulf. Dubai Roller Derby is a non-profit organisation that is ‘run by the skaters for the skaters’. Our members are comprised of skaters, referees, coaches and volunteers. As a flat-track league, we follow the international rules of the WFTDA.

Our goals are to become a recognised force within the international roller derby community and to develop derby as a legitimate sport in the UAE and the region, by exhibiting athleticism, skill, hard work and professionalism.


Dubai Roller Derby are proudly sponsored by Neon Skates and Custom Tees by Joms.

DRD are currently also in talks with AdventureHQ and Bont.com

If you’d like to sponsor the hottest derby league in the Middle East, get in touch with us! 


Neon Skates http://skateneon.com/

Neon Skates

Our merch sponsor, Custom Tees by Jom
Our merch sponsor, Custom Tees by Jom


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