Info for New Skaters

Yay! You survived/are planning on surviving Fresh Meat Night. Now what?

First off, have a read through our FAQs and learn a little bit about the history of Dubai Roller Derby.

Ready to skate? Mondays are for the Recreational League (open to anyone, at any skill level) while Wednesdays are for the Competitive League. Anyone is welcome to skate outside the track on Wednesdays, but for safety reasons, only those who have passed certain minimum safety skills can join in most of the drills.

Want to help out? DRD is run solely by volunteers and it takes a lot of work to run the league, so we ask everyone to contribute in ways such as leading a warm up/cool down, coaching (when you’re ready), web design, setting up the track, organizing outdoor skates or (especially athletic) social outings (examples of going to Bounce, yoga etc), looking for new venues etc. Let us know if you have any special skills (graphic or web design, contacts with media or venues, a fondness for yoga and ability to lead a cool down stretch etc.)!

Ready to buy your own skates and gear?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a distributor here (yet!) but you can order your gear and skates from the roller derby stores all over the world, most will deliver to the UAE. A lot of DRD girls like the Fresh Meat packages from Bruised Boutique and we have also ordered stuff from Roller Girl has some great resources on choosing the right gear for you.

Finally, take your time and don’t panic! Many of our skaters started out all wobbly (even Estée Slaughter, our first president, spent her first few sessions dragging herself along the walls) but look at them now! We all love to help out newbies, so don’t be afraid to grab a hold of one of us and ask for some tips.

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